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Appointment Booking Made Easy: BookThatApp FAQ and Beyond

Find answers to your questions on automated scheduling for spas & salons, rentals, classes & courses, hotels & restaurants, events & tours, professional services, medical & health services, and more!

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Platform Support & Integrations

Does BookThatApp work with Shopify POS?

Yes. BookThatApp works seamlessly with Shopify POS. Learn more about how BookThatApp connects with Shopify POS.

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What level of support does BookThatApp offer?

BookThatApp provides various support options, including live chat, email, and call support (Google Meet & Zoom), depending on your pricing plan. Support is available 24/5. You can create a ticket here or select the Chat/Support icon in the page's corner.

What Languages does BookThatApp support?

The app admin is only supported in English, but you can use your web browser's translation feature to translate the content. All of the text used by our booking widgets can be translated, and the calendars do support the ability to edit their region. This means that your customers can select their booking details using the language you specify.

Can I connect BookThatApp with Google, iCal, and other calendars?

Yes, you can connect BookThatApp seamlessly with Google Calendar (2-way sync), iCal (1-way sync), and Outlook (1-way sync). If you need any help connecting any of these services with BookThatApp, get in touch with us today.

What other apps does BookThatApp integrate with?

BookThatApp works well with Shopify POS, Google Calendar, iCall, Zoom, and Outlook. In addition, we have an API that can be used to build custom integrations with any tool you want to connect.

Does BookThatApp offer an API?

Yes. BookThatApp does offer APIs. However, the access is invite-only. Need access to BookThatApp APIs? - Reach out to us today.

What platforms does BookThatApp support?

As of today, BookThatApp supports Shopify, Shopify Plus, and Shopify POS. Are you using a platform other than Shopify and planning to use BookThatApp? Let us know today.

Can you customize my Shopify site?

Yes, we can. For more information and examples of custom work that we have completed, please view this article.

Do you have a demo site?

Yes. You can view our demo site here. 

Are mobile devices supported?

Yes. BookThatApp is designed to be responsive in order to support different device resolutions.

Does it support languages other than English?

BookThatApp supports a number of languages (and date/time formats) for the date picker and calendar components displayed in the store. As of now, the BookThatApp admin only supports English. 

Does the Shopify shopping cart show the booking details?

Yes, the date and time of the booking will display under the product name and on the checkout screens.

Is BookThatApp compatible with all Shopify themes?

Yes, BookThatApp is compatible with all Shopify-developed themes, including 2.0 themes.  

BookThatApp: Free Trial & Pricing

Who owns my data?

You do! It's your data, after all! We want customers to use BookThatApp because they love it, not because their data is stuck in it. You can export all your information from BookThatApp anytime, no matter your plan.

Do you have any contracts or cancellation fees?

No, BookThatApp is a pay-as-you-go service. We do not have contracts or cancellation fees. You can cancel whenever you want. If you cancel, you’ll be billed for the current month but won't be billed again.

Are there any other fees?

BookThatApp does not take a percentage of booking sales. We charge a flat monthly subscription that will appear on your Shopify invoice.  There is also the Shopify monthly subscription fee and any merchant provider fees associated with your chosen payment gateway.

Streamline your appointment bookings effortlessly with BookThatApp

Features & Use Cases

If I am renting equipment, how can I capture a deposit or add a security bond?

If you are on BookThatApp’s Premium plan and above, you can use the deposit function to capture a partial downpayment or add a security bond to any rental to be used for late fees or damages.

Can my customers use gift cards while booking an appointment?

Yes. Shopify supports the use of gift cards that you can sell to your customer. The person booking can apply or use the gift card in the Shopify checkout process.

Do my customers need to checkout to make an appointment?

No. If you are taking bookings for appointments and do not charge for them, we have an embedded booking form that bypasses the cart checkout process. We also now support bypassing the checkout process with the appointment widget.

Can I use BookThatApp in a store with both rental and non-rental products? Can I both sell and rent a product?

The answer to both is yes! Product variants can be created to provide the rental and purchase options, and in the product configuration in the app, a setting can be enabled to prevent the booking calendar from displaying for the purchase option. 

Rental & Non-Rental products: The way the app works is that if a product is added to BookThatApp, the booking widget will appear. The standard Shopify product page appears if the product is not added to BookThatApp.

Rent & Sell the same product: Create two variants in the Shopify product page setup: Sell and Rent. Next, look for your variants in the BookThatApp product page setup. Next to the variants, you will see a tick box called "Hide", Select this box for the Sell variant. When this variant is selected, the booking form will not display.

With BookThatApp, can I have a product available for rent and purchase?

Yes. You can do this by setting up a variant for purchase and rent. In the BookThatApp product configuration screen, you can indicate that certain variants be ignored by selecting the Hide checkbox. When one of those variants is selected in your online store, the booking fields (date/time) are hidden.

Does BookThatApp allow me to restrict the maximum number of days a customer can book in the future?

Yes, BookThatApp supports this functionality. You can set Future days on the product configuration pages found in the BookThatApp admin.

Can I restrict the booking period with BookThatApp?

BookThatApp has an ‘Operating Hours’ setting that lets you set the days and times to accept bookings. The app also has a Blackout feature which lets you restrict individual days such as public holidays and vacations. It also offers a lead and lag time that allows you to add time before or after a rental to allow for shipping time or time needed to get the product ready for the next booking.

How do I collect online payments in advance using BookThatApp?

Shopify collects payment as the last step in the order process.

Can I accept payments with BookThatApp?

With BookThatApp, Shopify manages the checkout and payment processes.

Does BookThatApp allow recurring appointments?

No, BookThatApp doesn't support recurring appointments as of today.

Can I use the BookThatApp appointment scheduler to book appointments directly on Google, Facebook, or Instagram?

Unfortunately, no. Your customer must access the Shopify product page to complete the booking process. However, it may be possible to redirect your customer to the corresponding Shopify product page by adding the "Add to Cart" buttons on your social media sites.

How can I place a test booking/order?

To place a test booking or order, you can either create a manual booking in the app admin or create a Shopify test order using a bogus gateway.

Can I manually cancel a booking?

To cancel a booking manually, you can open the booking from the booking overview calendar or the Runsheet and hit delete.

What happens when I cancel or refund an order in Shopify?

The associated booking will be deleted if you cancel an order in Shopify. If you refund the order, then the booking remains, as you may want to refund the customer's money but still provide the service.

How can I view my bookings?

You can view your bookings by month, week, or day using the Calendar view in BookThatApp admin. A 'Run Sheet' report also presents your bookings in a single-page summary for a set day or over a selected period.

What does the customer receive once the order is placed?

The customer receives an order confirmation from Shopify. In our app, you can select Notifications and enable a confirmation email if you would like to send out a notification from the app, which includes all the booking details.

If a booking is changed after the order is placed, you can send out an email from BookThatApp with the new date and time. Additionally, a reminder email can be configured to be sent before the event date.

What is the difference between a “reserved” and a “confirmed” booking?

BookThatApp uses the Shopify order payment method to determine if an order is reserved or confirmed.  If you have set up your store to “authorize” payment, the booking will show as reserved in BookThatApp.  If you set up your store to “authorize and charge” payment, the booking will show up as confirmed in BookThatApp.  

If you choose to “authorize” payment, then once you have “accepted payment” in Shopify, the booking status in BookThatApp will automatically change from “reserved” to “confirmed.”

Can I change the booking time after an order is taken?

Yes. Go into the booking calendar, select the relevant booking, and choose edit.  You can then update the date and/or time of the booking. You can also email the customer confirmation of the new booking time. (Note: the order in Shopify will reflect the original date/time).

Can you see the date and time of the booking in the Shopify order without having to go into BookThatApp?

Yes. When the order is placed, the date and time (if applicable) selected by the customer appear on the order screen.

How does the BookThatApp (BTA) booking sync with the Shopify order?

When a booking date is chosen on the store, real-time availability for the product is verified with BookThatApp. If the time is available, the slot will show as available. If the time is unavailable, it will be grayed out and unable to be selected.

Once the order is processed, Shopify will capture the payment and send the customer an order confirmation. BookThatApp then creates a booking for the products in the order. This booking will then display in the Booking Calendar in BookThatApp, and the booking date and time will show as unavailable in the Shopify store for future bookings.

If an order is canceled, the booking is also automatically deleted from BookThatApp (BTA).

How do I install and start with BookThatApp?

BookThatApp seamlessly integrates into your online store as opposed to taking you to another site or showing a popup window that doesn't look like your store. When you first access the app, you will reach the Installation Wizard. This tool will walk you through the entire process, from product creation and configuration to the setup of your widget. 

If you require more than 1 widget, you can repeat the process as needed or access Widgets in the app and select the Create Widget button. 

While we recommend the widgets over the classic forms, if you decide to use a classic form, you will want to select Installation-> Booking Forms in order to reach the install steps. Unlike the widgets, you will need to modify your theme's code with the classic forms.

Streamline your appointment bookings effortlessly with BookThatApp

Industries, Businesses

Who are the typical users of BookThatApp?

BookThatApp is perfect for any online business on Shopify where you need to take bookings. It can range from product rentals to appointments, to classes, tours, and more. Learn more about different industries and businesses that use BookThatApp.

In what countries can I use BookThatApp?

Anyone, anywhere in the world can use BookThatApp as long as one is on Shopify. Merchants from over 30 different countries use BookThatApp today, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, almost all European countries, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Gulf Nations, African Countries, South American Nations, Caribbean Island Nations, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, India, and more.

How can hotel & restaurant businesses use BookThatApp?

Hotels can use the app to book their accommodations. Restaurants can use the app to take table reservations.

How can businesses using professional courses and services use BookThatApp?

Businesses can use the app to facilitate the booking of their courses, while service-type bookings, such as consulting, can take appointment-type bookings.

How can businesses offering art, music, and other recreational classes use BookThatApp?

These types of businesses can use the app to book their scheduled events. They can also use the app to book out a workspace for an individual or to a group.

How can spa & salon businesses use BookThatApp?

Spas and salons can use the app to take appointments. They can also use the app to take bookings for any styling courses that they may want to provide.

How can beauty & wellness businesses use BookThatApp?

These types of businesses can use the app to book appointments.

How can rental businesses use BookThatApp?

Rental businesses can use BookThatApp to seamlessly add a booking widget to the product pages in their stores. These bookings can have set durations, or the customer can select a date range of their choosing.

How can events & tour businesses use BookThatApp?

Events and tour businesses can use the app to book tickets for their event.

How can yoga studios and gyms use BookThatApp?

Yoga studios and gyms can use BookThatApp to book 1-on-1 sessions and group classes.

What industries and businesses can use BookThatApp?

The simple answer is if you are on Shopify and need an appointment scheduling solution, BookThatApp is for you. Here are a few industries and businesses (but not limited to) that use BookThatApp:

  1. Classes & Courses: Art classes, music classes
  2. Rentals: Sports item rentals, party rentals, equipment rentals, dress rentals, product rentals
  3. Beauty & Wellness: Spa & salons, barber shops, hair salons, beauty salons, nail salons, massage, meditation
  4. Sports & Fitness: Fitness studios, personal trainers, gyms, golf classes, yoga studios
  5. Hotels & Restaurants: Table reservations, room reservation
  6. Medical & Health Services: Counseling, dentists, acupuncture, chiropractor, psychologists, physiotherapist/physiologist
  7. Professional Services: Consulting, coaching, cleaning, plumbing, handyman, deliveries

Do you belong to one of these industries or businesses and looking for a booking solution? Try BookThatApp for free.

Streamline your appointment bookings effortlessly with BookThatApp