Product Rental Software Solutions

Are you looking to automate your product rental process? Whether it’s camping, skiing or baby gear, BookThatApp has you covered.


Variable Pricing

We understand that different businesses have different pricing models. BTA supports pre-set durations with fixed pricing, allowing customers to choose their own date range with a daily rental rate or even having tiered pricing based on the number of days selected in the rental period.


Flexible Turnaround Time

Do you need to add additional time to the booking to account for shipping or cleaning the product between rentals? BookThatApp makes it easy! You can customise each product to include variables such as cut off time, lead time, and lag time. This allows you to manage the turnaround time between rentals and minimise down time.


Equipment Management

Our booking overview calendar lets you view all bookings at a glance. The app also allows you to pull a daily run sheet making order fulfilment a breeze! If you are on the Premium Plan you can also create Custom Reports allowing you even more reporting flexibility.


Multiple Locations

Do you offer pick up at multiple locations? You can add a location picker to each product allowing the customer to choose where they want to pick up their rental. You can also include the location in the booking reminder including a map so that customers know exactly where to find you.

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