BookThatApp works within Shopify to track your reservations natively. A booking appears automatically when an order is placed.

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BookThatApp connects directly to your product and cart pages, so it offers availability updates to customers in real time.

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BookThatApp can create reservations when payment is authorized, but not yet captured. The booking gets confirmed automatically once you receive payment.

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View your schedule by Day, Week, or Month. See your confirmed and pending reservations at a glance with built-in color coding.

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BookThatApp is the perfect booking engine for rentals, classes, events, and appointments in your Shopify store.


Let Your Shopify Customers Connect With You

BookThatApp lets your customers reserve time on your business’s calendar, right on your Shopify site. Now you can offer appointments, classes, rentals, tickets, and more all in one place. Customers stay in your shop, and your third-party hassles are over.

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Host Courses Better With Flexible Technology for Shopify

With BookThatApp, customers can browse your course calendar or shop for courses by name, date, time, and more. You can create new courses, assign instructors, and set class capacity; and you can change them at any time. Plus, built-in reports power outreach and student admissions.

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Sell More Tickets With Integrated Shopify Booking

BookThatApp lets your Shopify customers search or browse your event calendar right in your shop, and they’ll get a professional, customized eticket for your tour, show, or group activity. Easily sell different tickets for children, adults, and seniors, and your eticket never gets lost. BookThatApp can automatically re-send etickets with any event reminder.

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BookThatApp Keeps Your Rentals Busy

With BookThatApp, your customers can search and browse your products with the Shopify experience they love. While you can rent your products over any date/time range to give your business the flexibility it needs. Plus, BookThatApp can remind your customers when items are coming due, so your stock stays available for new renters.

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A Smarter Calendar Helps Your Providers Do More

Now you can create appointment slots for your providers in Shopify, and you can quickly map providers to their right services. That means customers can shop for appointments by service provider, date, appointment type, and more. Even better, BookThatApp also prevents scheduling conflicts for providers who perform many different services.

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Look Under The Hood of Shopify’s Best Booking App

Industry-leading reservation management technology, built especially for Shopify.


Seamless Shopify Integration

Unlike 3rd-party reservation services, BookThatApp installs directly in your Shopify store. That means when a customer places an order, BookThatApp creates the appropriate booking automatically. BookThatApp keeps track of bookings in-house for you, so you can stop managing 3rd-party reservations and redirecting customers out of your store.


Real-Time Updates

Shoppers want up-to-the-second availability information. No one likes to discover mid-check-out that the last seat or the perfect time-slot’s already long gone. Because BookThatApp is Shopify-integrated, it communicates directly with your shop’s product and cart pages. So when booking availability changes (including new openings due to cancellations), BookThatApp updates your inventory immediately.


Mobile-Ready Responsive Design

Your customers shop on the go, so your storefront must be ready to sell on any device. BookThatApp’s user interface was designed to intelligently adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions, so your customers can easily find what they’re looking for no matter how they shop.


Distinct Pending And Confirmed Reservations

BookThatApp understands not every reservation needs to be paid for immediately. If you choose to offer this option, BookThatApp can create “pending” bookings for customers who have authorized but not yet completed payment. Best of all, BookThatApp automatically marks a booking “confirmed” once payment is captured, so there’s no extra work for you.


Multiple Booking Forms And Themes

Your business stays agile by adapting to your customers’ evolving needs. Perhaps you want to offer both classes and rentals, or both event tickets and one-on-one appointments? BookThatApp is the only booking engine that unlocks your power to do more, because only BookThatApp supports multiple booking types at once. Plus, you can choose from a suite of calendar themes and event color-codings for intuitive customer navigation.


Custom Booking Rules

With BookThatApp, you have total control over your booking periods. You can decide the days and times when you’ll accept new reservations with “Opening Hours,” and you can completely restrict specific days (such as public holidays) with “Blackout” settings. You can even specify “Lead Time” and “Lag Time” for rental periods to allow time for shipping items both ways.


Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Views

BookThatApp’s built-in calendar lets you review your bookings in familiar Daily, Weekly, and Monthly formats, so both short- and long-range planning are a snap. Plus each booking gets color-coded, so you can immediately distinguish between “confirmed” and “pending” reservations.


Complete Shopify Theme Compatibility

Your storefront retains its look and feel with BookThatApp, because BookThatApp supports all of Shopify’s free and paid store themes. From the newest, trending themes to tried-and-true grid or industry-specific layouts, BookThatApp plays nice with them all.

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BookThatApp works in a variety of applications. Check out some of the solutions we've created for specific scenarios.

Dress Rentals

Ability to manage bookings for different size variants and streamlining your operational workflow are a couple of the reasons dress rental stores are choosing BookThatApp.

Art Classes

Looking to automate your Paint and Sip class bookings? Find out how BookThatApp can help.

Product Rentals

Are you looking to automate your product rental process? BookThatApp has you covered

Tour Tickets

A cost effective solution to selling tickets. See why tour operators like Welcome to Country are selling experience, activity and tour bookings using BookThatApp.

Nail Salon

Add BookThatApp to your Shopify store and allow customers to book their manicure, pedicure or waxing service appointments.

Don't see your scenario? Get in touch and we can talk about how BookThatApp can help address your booking needs.

BookThatApp Pricing

Pay yearly and save (all prices are in USD)

  • Lite
  • 14 Day Free Trial
  • $9.95 / month
    $99.50 / year
  • 200 monthly bookings
  • 1 staff account
  • 1 booking type
  • Works on POS
  • Booking fields
  • Book now button
  • Google Calendar integration
  • Manually send reminders
  • Standard templates and reports
  • Standard
  • Real Time Booking Engine
  • $19.95 / month
    $199.50 / year
  • 500 monthly bookings
  • 5 staff accounts
  • All booking types
  • Works on POS
  • Booking fields
  • Book now button
  • Google Calendar integration
  • Manually send reminders
  • Standard templates and reports
  • Waitlists
  • Premium
  • Automated reminders
  • $29.95 / month
    $299.50 / year
  • 1000 monthly bookings
  • 10 staff accounts
  • All booking types
  • Works on POS
  • Booking fields
  • Book now button
  • Google Calendar integration
  • Scheduled reminders
  • Custom templates and reports
  • Waitlists
  • Deposits/Bonds
  • Availability search
  • BYO SMTP Server
  • Remove branding
  • Business
  • High volume bookings
  • $89.95 / month
    $899.50 / year
  • 3000 monthly bookings
  • 20 staff accounts
  • All booking types
  • Works on POS
  • Booking fields
  • Book now button
  • Google Calendar integration
  • Scheduled reminders
  • Custom templates and reports
  • Waitlists
  • Deposits/Bonds
  • Availability search
  • BYO SMTP Server
  • Remove branding

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